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Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (MAIS)


This thesis discusses a fundamental aspect related to voice-over translation in documentaries: synchronization techniques. The analysis is based on the classification of different types of synchronies— action synchrony, kinetic synchrony, voice-over isochrony, and literal synchrony— proposed by Franco, Matamala, and Orero (2010). The aim of this study is to provide insight about why and when different synchronies may be triggered, both by textual and/or by extralinguistic factors, in filmic material. The analysis is thus based on a comparison of the Spanish and Polish voiceover translations of the same documentary episode of the series Seconds from Disaster originally produced in English. This qualitative comparison demonstrates how the existing asymmetries between voice-over practices in Spanish and in Polish influence the synchronization process, and consequently, the reception of the movie as well.

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University of Texas Brownsville



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