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Master of Music (MM)

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Dr. Cathy Ragland

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Dr. Margaret Dorsey

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Dr. Kurt Martinez


The California-based Mexican-American “activist” metal band Brujeria, uses a powerful, yet conflicting, blend of nihilism, anarchism, and racism with a dose of hyper-patriotism in its attempt to convey the voice of oppressed Mexicans on both sides of the border. While it is uncertain whether or not Brujeria is intentionally political, their live performances and song lyrics are highly critical of both the U.S. and Mexico regarding immigration policy, border-crossing, and other issues which have resonated among an international audience. In this paper I explore the conflicting notions of space, performativity, binationality and U.S. Mexico relations within the context of Brujeria messages. While using Brujeria as the focus of my work, I also explain what I call the notion of “Audioscapes.” In simple terms: it deals with the cognitive processes which create perceptions of music from mind to mind, state to state, and space to space.


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University of Texas-Pan American