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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)



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Dr. Nancy Moyer

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Philip Field

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Richard Hyslin


This paper will examine the relationship between the myth of the coyote and the folk tales that are indigenous to the South Texas/Mexican border. Moreover, I intend to explore several common folk tales pertaining to the coyote and how I have chosen to synthesize them into my artwork. In my paintings, I have become cognizance that the coyote possesses many identities. In one instance, the coyote can appear as a wild animal, a rogue of nature; however, in another instance I have learned that the coyote is a highly adaptive creature capable of being a protector of the natural world. It is essential to my art to illustrate this distinction. Furthermore, this paper will explore a distinct hybrid of current lore about the coyote that is unique to the border area between the United States and Mexico. The subject is the human smuggler of illegal immigrants from Mexico to the United States, which is commonly referred to as a coyote . Statistics from the U.S. Border Patrol, indicate that up to five thousand illegal immigrants cross into this country from Mexico on a daily basis. Because many of these immigrants utilize the services of coyotes, I feel it is important to illustrate these subjects in my paintings.


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University of Texas-Pan American