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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Educational Leadership

First Advisor

Dr. Enrique T. Trueba

Second Advisor

Dr. Leo Gomez

Third Advisor

Dr. Velma Menchaca


This problem under investigation was the schooling process of children of Mexican immigrants in an American school. The participants for the study included the 56 faculty members and 17 children of Mexican immigrants in school implementing a Two-Way Immersion Program. An ethnographic-like qualitative method was used to investigate the problem. Data was gathered through field immersion, participant observations, and unstructured interviews. Findings revealed diverse characteristics of the children of Mexican immigrants. The school's ethos of reception included numerous attributes that served to accommodate the children and their parents. The practices in the Two-Way Program facilitated the adaptation of the children through the use of Vygotskian-based practices. The conclusion was that the particular program served the children of Mexican immigrants well. The implications were that changes in our educational system can be implemented to better serve all students.


Copyright 2002 Diana Maria Ramirez. All Rights Reserved.

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University of Texas-Pan American