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The first section shall deal with the role the sea played following Mexican Independence. In the foreign colonization of Texas, Stephen F. Austin developed and designed his colonies similar to the agricultural communities of the American South that were built around nautical transportation from 1821–1829. The second area will deal with Mexican Texas from 1829 through 1832. By 1829 Mexico attempted to reinstate authority over Texas. Reaction to Mexican limitations was unified action through civil disobedience. As their rebellion brought the desired freedoms for the Texicans, they were encouraged to continue. The third discussion is the revolutionary period from 1832 to 1835. Following their political ideals, the colonists met to petition for separate statehood. Mexican inaction indicated approval of the political meeting. Later, when Mexico thwarted the Texican proposals, the colonists rebelled. This revolt was strengthened when a ship carrying Austin, the Laura, took up arms against a Mexican vessel.


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