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Master of Education (MEd)


Bilingual Education

First Advisor

Dr. J Joy Esquierdo

Second Advisor

Dr. Zulmaris Diaz

Third Advisor

Dr. Leonides Gomez


This qualitative study focused on the self-esteem, sociocultural identity, and academic performance of transitional and dual language students as they moved through their respective programs. A case study was conducted on two randomly selected students, one from the transitional program and one from the dual language program. The two students attend the same school and have participated in their respective programs for 12 years in the same school district. Both students were asked to complete surveys on self-esteem and participate in an interview where they were asked various questions about their self-esteem, sociocultural identity, and academic performance. Data collected from the survey and interviews showed that the dual language student not only had higher levels of self-esteem and sociocultural identity, but also self reported higher levels of academic performance than the transitional student.


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University of Texas-Pan American