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Master of Arts (MA)


Theatre Arts

First Advisor

Dr. Marian F. Monta

Second Advisor

Dr. Brian Warren

Third Advisor

David Carren


I planned to write an experimental children’s play that would entertain an audience of children and promote the importance of imagination. The final draft starts out immersed in imaginative design elements to grab the audience’s attention from the start. The Witch sets the mood, entering in an elaborate costume, casting a spell that will carry throughout the play. As far as whether my play will entertain, I did not produce this play to get concrete results. Instead, I utilized some techniques that have been consistently successful in other children’s plays. I have done much research and shown my play to some colleagues. I have received only positive feedback, and my research strongly indicates that children should enjoy this play. It has adventure, a great battle, audience participation, and above all, imagination.


Copyright 2012 Rachel Saldana. All Rights Reserved.

Granting Institution

University of Texas-Pan American