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Master of Science (MS)



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Dr. Elena Vega-Sampayo

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Cipriano Cardenas

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Dr. Laura P. Garza


This thesis proposes a study about the profound relationship existing in the literary production of the Spanish author, Ana María Matute, between the poetic language found in her narrative and the Visual Arts. While a number of critics and researchers have analyzed in depth the works of this author, there is no abundance of studies that explore the pictorial intention found in them. Likewise, there are scarce or marginal contributions focused on the notion of ekphrasis in connection to her narrative. In order to analyze the rhetoric structure in Matute’s narrative, a definition of “space” as a literary category is considered with supporting references to the classical study of Gaston Bachelard (1965). The study of Luz Aurora Pimentel (2010) also establishes a starting point for this study, in proposing “the diverse discursive ways of signifying the notion of space” and by linking the term to metaphor and to ekphrasis. This thesis classifies and analyzes phrases and passages found throughout the work of the author that resort to synesthesia, understood as the association of disparate sensitive inputs, thus infusing images relatable to the Visual Arts into the written text, in an attempt to define a color palette used by the author that enables the transfer of color and texture from a pictorial perspective into her narrative. The exploration of the principles and elements of design too, within the structure of the sentences, furnishes us with specific passages that prove the impingement of the visual arts into the poetic language of Matute. A connection between the author’s style and the basic characteristics of some pictorial movements is also proposed in this study, which seeks furthering knowledge of the interaction between the Visual Arts and narrative texts, as a general framework for an approach to literary analysis.


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University of Texas Brownsville