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Master of Arts (MA)



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Dr. Jose Esteban Hernandez

Second Advisor

Dr. Stephanie Alvarez

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Dr. Margaret Dorsey


The present study examines Salvadoran identity construction in Segundo Barrio, Houston, Texas by utilizing a multi-disciplinary methodology. Linguistically, this is investigated by comparing two distinct Salvadoran corpora in order to not only obtain a more critical understanding of the role of language within Salvadoran identity construction but also to legitimize the lived experiences of this community through linguistic counternarratives. The internal factors employed during the semi-directed sociolinguistics interviews include self-identification, time spent in Houston and El Salvador, music and gastronomical choices, experiences with other Salvadorans and non-Salvadorans, and language use. All informants varied in external factors. Anthropologically, this work explores the effects of transnationalism through the analysis of the physical spaces occupied by Salvadorans in Segundo Barrio.


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University of Texas-Pan American