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Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (MAIS)

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Dr. Thomas Pozorski

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Dr. Shelia Pozorski

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Bobbie Lovett


The Casma Valley on the north coast of Peru contains a high concentration of Initial Period (2150-1000 B.C.) sites. One of these sites, Huerequeque, is located approximately 25 km inland in the Sechin branch of the river on a hillside. The site contains a mound and plaza complex, intermediate architecture, and residential architecture. My project considers the resources needed for constructions and tools. I identify what was utilized and discuss trends in construction material, collection methods and argue a “convenient construction” model. Included in my discussion of architecture, I consider the amount of human power necessary for these efforts. Regarding stone tools, I address artifacts from the 2009-11 field seasons in terms of their function, composition, and possible source regions. This study is aimed to provide a glimpse into ancient life ways in an attempt to gain a better understanding of how an early complex society utilized their environment


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University of Texas-Pan American