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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)



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Lenard Brown

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Philip Field

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Dr. Richard Phillips


This paper accompanies the Master of Fine Arts exhibition titled A Link With Nature. Art cannot divorce itself from its process, from its artist, and from becoming a product. Like the canopy, trunk and roots of a tree, the parts of art are mysteriously interdependent and would not exist alone. So too in my art, the artist, process, and product are woven together to form a visual tapestry that I have defined throughout the thesis paper. As artist, aesthetic experiences have formed the vision that I portray through painting and sculpture. The process of going places, seeing things and reading things has informed my art. The thesis show contains the visual results of being inspired by the colors and textures of nature.

In the process of creating, the elements of art such as texture, color, and light are used to complete the vision of my mind's eye and thus are explored in relation to the artwork described in the thesis. Thematically, the paintings and sculpture show man and woman connecting with nature through the use of various symbols such as the human figure, tree, flower, leaf, and butterfly. Isolation, connection, fertility, and passion are issues explored throughout my thesis work. Finally, I express the subject of overcoming depression through connecting with the creative part of myself. The works in this exhibition are the ultimate manifestation of this process.


Copyright 2003 Kelly B. Kraehe. All Rights Reserved.

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University of Texas-Pan American