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Master of Science (MS)


Manufacturing Engineering

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Dr. Miguel A. Gonzalez

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Dr. Douglas Timmer

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Dr. Heinrich Foltz


Physical fitness specific to job demands is necessary for jobs that require moderate or heavy effort. Fitness training is needed not just when a new job is learned but also when an individual has been away from the job for a few weeks and returns to perform the task. The basic problem is to have a good understanding of the dynamics of performance capacities to establish training and retraining regimes to prevent overexertion. To obtain this, a better understanding of the behavior of performance capacity over time is necessary. A performance capacity training regimen was designed for tasks that required moderate to heavy effort to study how capacity behaved over time. Specific attention was given to the gains between the layoff period and the gains before and after the lay off break. Base models were derived centered on learning curves. These base models will help estimate the gains in work capacity of a constant task dependent on time. The investigation gave way to mathematical models needed to estimate a useful work capacity for a specific task and age group over a given time period. If implemented properly, this model can help to estimate the workers limitations so as to develop better training and retraining regimes and preventing overexertion.


Copyright 2003 Jose Roel Flores. All Rights Reserved.

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University of Texas-Pan American

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Manufacturing Commons