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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)



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Dr. Nancy Moyer

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Richard Hyslin

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Philip Field


My series of paintings and sculptural pieces of art, embody a singular theme; the noble labors and life of migrant farm workers. The creative process used to produce my works involves two realities: a mental state and a physical state. Within the formulation of an idea, these mental and physical states often occur simultaneously, at other times separately. Consciously, my art depicts the psychological perceptions and effects of the migrant experience. Repetitive lines mimic rhythmic patterns, monotonous rituals, and daily routines of harvesting, marketing, and unrelenting work. Human and architectural shapes and forms are simplified to reflect the simplicity of the lifestyle. Constant viewpoints toward the gouged earth, hands, feet, distant objects, and skewed perspectives are frequent settings. Objects of a particular function, and/or objects of use to farm laborers such as weathered wooden panels and produce crates are used. In the same way, my primary medium, oil sticks, play a large role in regards to color and physical sensations that occur while painting. Oil sticks enable me to softly manipulate pigment onto wood by way of finger blending similar to the way human hands must gently maneuver fruits and vegetables when picked, plucked, and packaged. These materials and methods of production are the act of allowing the world to know, appreciate, and respect one of the backbones of the American experience, the Mexican American migrant farm worker. Many forget that the food we eat comes at the expense of backbreaking work.


Copyright 2003 Lilia Munoz. All Rights Reserved.

Granting Institution

University of Texas-Pan American