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Master of Arts (MA)



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Dr. Colin Charlton

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Dr. Jonikka Charlton

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Dr. Danika M. Brown


Brands are a large part of our cultural discourse. In the Rio Grande Valley a group of network-marketing sponsored entrepreneurs has tapped into branding as a rhetorical resource. I use Burke’s concept of consubstantiation to analyze the rhetorical motives represented both in the use of branding in general and in the “Aqui Es” sign utilized by local nutrition clubs. Burke’s concept of consubstantiation allows me to contextualize the production of the sign and open avenues to explore the relationships behind the sign’s use. I then utilize Lacanian psychoanalysis to explain the psychological motives behind the sign’s use and production. I suggest that the “Aqui Es” sign taps into the ideological assumption and psychological desires of its audience, offering to provide them with those very things they desire and thus obtain its rhetorical effect: identification.


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University of Texas-Pan American