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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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Dr. Haiwei Chen

Second Advisor

Dr. Thanh Ngo

Third Advisor

Dr. Chintal Desai


This dissertation studies the performance of U.S. firms that partake in a foreign IPO – bypassing their domestic exchanges and raising their equity in a foreign market. Chapter one provides an introduction and brief review of the main research questions and results. Chapter 2 provides a detailed literature review on initial public offerings-IPOs. This includes relevant studies on the long- and short-run performance of IPOs, theories for IPO underpricing and an international component of the IPO literature. Additional cross-listing literature is also reviewed to provide a more complete and balanced understanding of the international market for equity. Chapter 3 develops testable hypotheses and discusses data and the matching methodology for the investigation of the performance of foreign IPOs (FIPOs) matched with domestic IPOs (DIPOs) in both the short- and long-term. Chapter 4 examines the short-run performance and the underpricing of the foreign IPO sample and provides some explanation as to why such results are present. Chapter 5 examines the long-run performance of foreign IPOs and provides commentary on the results. Chapter 6 summarizes the results and provides implications for academics and practitioners.


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University of Texas-Pan American