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Master of Education (MEd)

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Dr. G. Herold Poelzer

Second Advisor

Dr. Marie Simonsson

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Dr. Liang Zeng


The purpose of this study was to investigate factors that predict underachieving gifted students. The participants were 44 Hispanic gifted students enrolled in the 8 th grade from 3 different junior high and middle schools in the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas. The following were used as independent variables: parental influence, motivation, self-concept, attitude, self-perceptions, and goal motivation. The dependent variable was dichotomous, achiever or underachiever. The School Attitude Assessment Survey-Revised and the Parent Influence Survey were the instruments used to collect the data. Analysis was done using the logistic regression model. The results show that attitude towards school was the only predictor; it predicted underachievers with an accuracy of 70.6%, achievers with 85.2%. The overall accuracy was 79.5%.


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University of Texas-Pan American