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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Educational Leadership

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Dr. Ralph Carlson

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Dr. David Freeman

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Dr. Barton Herrscher


This study was conducted in order to measure the amount of time spent among Hispanic elementary students in each of the most commonly used reading instruction methodologies. A survey was conducted among 500 randomly selected pre-kindergarten through fifth grade teachers instructing students who are 95% Hispanic and 63.4% English-as-a-second-language (ESL). Twenty of the 221 elementary campuses within a two-county area were randomly selected, representing ten school districts. All teachers at selected campuses were asked to estimate the amount of weekly class time spent in 25 reading and reading-readiness activities and methods of instruction. In addition, teachers provided various demographic data. Findings included areas of major variance within each grade level and, for the most part, predictable trends from grade level to grade level. Findings were also discovered in teacher demographic trends (years of experience, educational level, and gender). Variances among districts and campuses were also analyzed. And finally, significant variance was measured between the reading instruction time provided in non-bilingual versus bilingual classes, with bilingual classes receiving significantly less instruction. Further research is recommended to discover why this anomaly exists and to see if increasing the reading instruction time will improve the reading achievement of students in bilingual classes.


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University of Texas-Pan American