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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Educational Leadership

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Dr. Velma Menchaca

Second Advisor

Dr. Martha Tevis

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Dr. Miguel de los Santos


This study investigates the barriers Mexican American students encountered in educational and social opportunities within the San Benito Public School System from 1909 to 2009. This qualitative research study was organized chronologically by collecting information on the city, school district, and students who attended the San Benito Public School System. Personal and telephone interviews, as well as emailed questionnaires/surveys were used to gather firsthand information from former students, and current/former teachers, administrators, and board member of the district. A review of school board minutes, high school yearbooks, newspaper articles, books, and other related materials were also included for use in this study. A school district that was once dominated by Anglo's in student population and governance has witnessed monumental change, as now the dominant force is Mexican American. As the school district progressed over the last one hundred years, the opportunities for Mexican American students to prepare for college or career, as well as opportunities in social engagement are many.


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University of Texas-Pan American