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Master of Science (MS)



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Dr. Daniel Riahi

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Dr. Ranadhir Roy

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Dr. Anahit Galstyan


Problem of blood flow in an artery with or without catheter and in the presence of single or multi stenosis will be considered. The presence of stenosis locally thickens the artery wall and the use of catheter in the affected area is very important to the diagnostic and treatment of the patient. The blood flow in the arterial tube is represented by a two-phase model composing a suspension of erythrocytes in plasma. The governing equations for both fluid and particles are solved subjected to reasonable modeling and approximations. The important quantities such as blood speed, blood pressure force, impedance (blood flow resistance), wall shear stress, the stress force, blood temperature and the heat flux on the artery are computed in the presence or absence of the catheter and in the presence of the axially located stenosis, gravity and the hematocrit due the red cells-plasma combination of the blood flow.


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University of Texas-Pan American

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