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Dr. Roberto M. Salmon

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Dr. Elena M. Bastida

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Dr. Michael Weaver


Run, Chicano, Run (2006) is about Efraín Gutiérrez, the first Chicano to direct a feature-length film. Because he was active after the Chicano Movement and before the rise of Chicano Studies, his movies are difficult to interpret. His movies are personal, not adhering to ideological formulations. Gutiérrez ceased making movies in 1979 and was not present during the later years of Chicano filmmaking and the emergence of a body of literature dedicated to Chicano cinema.

This thesis is divided into five chapters. Chapter One explores Gutiérrez's place within the literature dealing with Chicano cinema. Chapter Two tells the story behind the making of Gutiérrez's first movie. Chapters Three and Four offer interpretations of Gutiérrez's first two films. Chapter Five offers reasons why Gutiérrez has been rendered obscure.


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