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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)



First Advisor

Dr. Richard Phillips

Second Advisor

Philip Field

Third Advisor

Richard Hyslin


My artistic philosophies and vision of the world are highly influenced by Surrealism, Symbolism, Romanticism, and the fantasy genre. My work is mainly Symbolic and Surrealistic, applied impressionistically and graphically, and made relative to the modern world by using religious and Apocalyptic Symbolism mixed with cosmic psychological dreamscapes of the universe. My vision of the real world is a symbolic “nightmare enigma”—like Dali's psychotic world of chaos and disorder. My imagery is associated with themes of chaos, war, death, and modern history. The academic term of Apocalyptic Surrealism is the broad mixture of religious Symbolism, political Symbolism, and historical Symbolism blended together to create my vision of the universe as a mystical enigma-like “fantasy world of chaos”. In this “fantasy world of chaos” construct, diverse symbols are clashed together to reveal the chaos of the modern world we live in and are related to a contemporary religious, historical, and apocalyptic global vision and state-of-mind.


Copyright 2005 John Michael Bazan. All Rights Reserved.

Granting Institution

University of Texas-Pan American