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“Las Nuevas Tamaleras” revisited

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Master of Arts (MA)


Theatre Arts


Las Nuevas Tamaleras took me on a journey I had never been on before. Being my first directing project, Tamaleras was a bit of a challenge. I set out to show the audience what my interpretation was of this fantastic story about “Americanized” Hispanics or Mexicans and how this Mexican/Mexican American culture is rooted and where it comes from. It was my intention not only to communicate to the audience how our culture has changed throughout the years because of the migration from Mexico into America, but to also show how deep in our hearts we find the traditions that our ancestors instilled in our families. After many hours of rehearsals and working with many people (students and professors) to help with the set, lighting and music, I am proud to say that seeing the audience's reaction, I feel that my project was a success.


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University of Texas-Pan American