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Master of Education (MEd)


Special Education

First Advisor

Dr. Marie Simonsson

Second Advisor

Dr. Jo Ann Mitchell Burns

Third Advisor

Dr. Marjorie Anne Estevis


The purpose of this investigation was to determine if a strategy involving redirection would reduce or extinguish self-injurious behavior (SIB). The subject, a ten-year-old girl, diagnosed with a seizure disorder, functioned at as eight month old level is confined to a wheel chair and is completely dependent on others for transportation and self-care needs. A single subject, ABAB design was used. The study was aimed at measuring SIB episodes during the baseline and treatment phases. A communication board was used during the treatment phases. The results indicate that the use of the communication board successfully reduced the episodes of self-injurious behavior.


Copyright 2005 Maria Estevanes Strickland. All Rights Reserved.

Granting Institution

University of Texas-Pan American