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Master of Science (MS)



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Dr. Chad Richardson

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Dr. Kelly Himmel

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Dr. Rafael Balderrama


The purpose of this thesis was to explore the world of migrant workers, through first hand account, through the description of the living and working conditions of migrant farms by focusing on each camp (A, B, and C), by observing and describing the line of work, by discussing the social and cultural dynamics of migrant farm working—the role and culture of the migrant women, children, and alpha males—and by documenting the exploitation of migrant farm workers. This is a qualitative research, based on ground theory, which consisted of participant observation of these factors. There was no hypothesis due to the inductive nature of this research. The research focuses on a particular geographical area in North Carolina. Three labor camps were the source for this migrant farm worker population. Camp A is located in the center of a small town called Wilson. Camp B is located on the side of the road in an urban area, in the view of the general public and has access to the main roads. And Camp C is located in an urban area, but is completely kept from the view of the general public and requires traveling on a private road into dense wooden area. The researcher found migrant farm workers being exploited by crew leaders and farmers.


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University of Texas-Pan American

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