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Master of Arts (MA)


Theatre Arts

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Dr. Marian F. Monta

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Dr. Eric Wiley

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Dr. Robert Johnson


John Millington Synge is considered to be among the greatest playwrights of the English language. During his lifetime, however, his plays caused controversy and even riots. Of particular interest is the fact that much of the controversy surrounded Synge's portrayal of Irish women. Because of the radical Irish nationalism that developed in the early 20 th century, much of Synge's work has been interpreted in light of this movement. This thesis, however, explores the theory that Synge was more closely connected with an another movement that was taking place in the early 1900's: women's suffrage. His sympathies for the enfranchisement of women are presented by comparing the tenets of the suffrage movement to Synge's plays and by looking at the personal and social life of J. M. Synge.


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University of Texas-Pan American