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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Educational Leadership

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Dr. Anita Pankake

Second Advisor

Dr. Shirley Mills

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Dr. Marie Simonsson


The purpose of this qualitative study was to analyze Miguel A. Nevárez’s educational leadership style by focusing on his notable contributions to The University of Texas-Pan American. The researcher defined leadership style as actions by the leader. After examining Nevárez’s background to place his motivations and actions in proper context, this study analyzed what Nevárez did, how he perceived his actions, and how others perceived his actions. The life history written by the researcher was primarily based on data collected through 25 interviews; however, the researcher also utilized other available published and unpublished sources to supplement the interview data. The researcher employed a snowball-type, non-random qualitative sampling approach. He used a Postpositivist theoretical lens, viewing the research process as a series of logical steps, remaining objective by guarding against personal bias, by employing triangulation, and being open to multiple perspectives. This study examined five questions: 1) What events, circumstances, beliefs, and perceptions throughout Nevárez’s life led him to his personal and professional accomplishments? 2) What major accomplishments did Nevárez have and how did he perceive his actions and accomplishments? 3) What significant institutional changes occurred during Nevárez’s tenure? 4) How did others perceive Nevárez’s leadership style and his accomplishments? And 5) How do Nevárez’s perceptions fit with the perceptions of others and the available documented record?


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University of Texas-Pan American