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Master of Science (MS)



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Dr. Kenichi Maruno

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Dr. Beofeng Feng

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Dr. Zhaoshang Feng


Several methods have been proposed to approach the topic of integrable systems of nonlinear partial differential equations. One of these methods is called the Lax pair. The Lax pair is a pair of matrices or operators, that depend on time and satisfy the Lax equation. Based on the inverse scattering method introduced by Gardner, Greene, Kruskal and Miura (1967), Peter Lax introduced the Lax pair to derive soliton equations from the Lax equation. This thesis provides with a brief background on soliton theory, inverse scattering theory, and Lax pairs. The details missing in the work published by Ablowitz, Kaup, Newell, and Segur (AKNS) and Ablowitz-Ladik to derive nonlinear evolution equations for the 2 × 2 Zakharov-Shabat continuous and discrete cases are exposited here. The ideas of AKNS and Ablowitz-Ladik are extended to derive nonlinear evolution equations for both 3×3 continuous and discrete cases. Mathematica is used to obtain the nonlinear evolution equations.


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University of Texas-Pan American

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