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Master of Science (MS)



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Dr. Jason G. Parsons

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Dr. Jose J. Gutierrez

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Dr. Evangelia Kotsikorou


Nano-sized Fe3O4, Fe2O3, Mn3O4, and MnO2 were synthesized by titration/precipitation and characterized using powder XRD. pH assays determined that optimum binding occurred at pH 4 for Fe3O4 and Fe2O3 and pH 3 for Mn3O4 and MnO2. Maximum adsorption of Cu(II) and Pb(II) occurred within 20 min or less of contact with the nanomaterials. The synthesized nanomaterials showed a binding preference for Pb(II) over Cu(II) at concentrations above 50 ppm. Batch studies also showed no significant reduction in the binding of copper and lead to either Fe3O4, Fe2O3, Mn3O4, or MnO2 in the presence of Na+ , K+ , Mg2+ or Ca2+. Isotherm studies determined the binding capacity of Cu(II) to range from 3.01 mg-1 to 44.44 mg -1 . Pb(II) binding capacities ranged form 19.76 mg g-1 to 56.82 mg g-1 . Thermodynamic studies determined the binding process for Cu(II) and Pb(II) to be spontaneous, endothermic, and occur through physisorption.


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University of Texas-Pan American

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Chemistry Commons