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Master of Science (MS)


Mechanical Engineering

First Advisor

Dr. Dumitru Caruntu

Second Advisor

Dr. Robert Freeman

Third Advisor

Dr. Young-Gil Pack


A dynamic, 2D, anatomical knee joint model has been developed to simulate knee reactions to external input forces. A deformable contact area approach is used to find contact forces and moments, and a method of applying nonlinear viscoelastic ligament strain rate response was also developed and implemented on the model to account for the effects of viscoelasticity on the ligament fibers. The ligaments were then tested for various deficiencies to identify their effects on the natural frequency of the knee. Internal knee forces from ligaments, muscles, and contacting surfaces are modeled and then numerically found for different exercises. Static and dynamic equations for knee motion are developed. These equations are then transformed into differential algebraic equation (DAE) systems for modeling various exercises. The DAE systems and the model simulations are performed using Matlab solver ODE15S, and predicted data from the model is compared to data published in literature for validation.


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Granting Institution

University of Texas-Pan American