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Master of Arts (MA)



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Dr. Sonia Hernandez

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Dr. Irving Levinson

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Dr. Russell Skowronek


This thesis illustrates the deployment of the Constitutionalist Army after the Plan de Guadalupe. The battles fought to neutralize Huerta’s army from Laredo to Matamoros. The thesis includes American and Mexican sources, oral accounts, and archived documents.

The overall purpose of this thesis is to recount the Constitutionalist events based on journals, books, theses, dissertations, and newspapers in order to argue the effects of the Mexican Revolution. The concept of counter memory is exercised throughout historical fragments.

The study covers the years 1913 and 1914, the onset of the Constitutionalist movement up to Huerta’s exile. The thesis includes an introduction, five chapters, a conclusion, and an appendix of figures and photographs. The conclusion underlines Constitutionalism entrenched in northeast México and the socio-political influences along the border. During the Constitutionalist Revolution, Mexicans near the border were permitted safe crossing to the U.S. The thesis further exemplifies the U.S. humanitarian gesture towards Mexican refugees and wounded soldiers.


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University of Texas-Pan American