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Dr. Linda English

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Dr. Irving Levinson

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Dr. Charles Waite


The purpose of this study is to ascertain Tejanos’ reasons for rebelling against the Mexican government. Texas was first colonized by the Spanish in the sixteenth century. After the Mexican independence in 1821, Texas became a Mexican territory. Tejanos (Texas Mexicans) lived under Spanish rule and Mexican rule. México enacted a colonization program allowing Anglo immigrants to settle in Texas. Tejanos and Anglo colonists developed a mutual working relationship. This thesis will compare the Spanish and Mexican administrations and how they failed to support and protect Tejanos. This failure is one of the causes for their rebellion. Another cause is the Centralist regime in México which in 1835 stripped power from the Mexican states, favoring the Mexican military officials and local elites. President Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna’s brutal military campaign against rebelling states is the last reason why Tejanos decided to rebel against México, siding with Anglo colonists in the creation of independence.


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