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Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (MAIS)



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Dr. Margaret Graham

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Dr. Shelia Pozorski

Third Advisor

Dr. Thomas Pozorski


The social institution of marriage is found in almost all human societies. In the community of Santiago Tlacotepec, Toluca, Mexico, there are three types of marriages: elopement (el robo or se la robarron), which is the norm in the town; pedimento which is considered the ideal marriage; and rapto (bride theft), the least common. The focus of this thesis is elopement. This thesis investigates why elopement occurs in the community based on women’s narratives about life before, during and after eloping. There are three main reasons women elope: youth and inexperience, fear of parental rejection of the union, and a lack of freedom and parental control over daughters.


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University of Texas-Pan American