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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Educational Leadership

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Dr. Karen Watt

Second Advisor

Dr. Francisco Guajardo

Third Advisor

Dr. Miguel Nevarez


This mixed methods study will explore the relationship of bi-cultural self-efficacy with student achievement and persistence for first generation Mexican American students enrolled at a two year college. The Bicultural Self Efficacy Scale for Minority Adults (BISES-MA ) will be used to collect quantitative data from a study group and control group. The study group will participate in a student success course using high engagement strategies developed by Advancement Via Individual Determination for Higher Education (AHE). Analysis of variance will be conducted to determine the degree of difference between the study and control groups on bicultural self-efficacy and student achievement and persistence. Qualitative data will be collected through focus group interviews of study group participants. Employing a grounded theory approach, responses will be analyzed to surface themes that explain the relationship of bicultural self-efficacy with academic achievement and persistence as measured by the BISES-MA survey.


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University of Texas-Pan American