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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


Creative Writing

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Dr. Philip Zwerling

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David Carren

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Dr. Ed Cameron


Last Breath is a Gothic Web Series about a girl who recreates her identity while recovering her lost memory. She discovers dark family secrets and a rigid society that is as equally imprisoning as her room. Ultimately, she engages in a game of intrigue, putting her family name and soul at stake. The story incorporates traditional Gothic and Southern Gothic influences described by Bailey, De Vore et al., Radcliffe, and others. The issue of format is analyzed using insights by Felicia Day, Syd Field, Tennessee Williams, and Robert McKee. The Web Series remains a pioneering medium. Shows such as The Spot, The Guild, and House of Cards embraces innovations in the webisode, as I attempt to do with the genre and formatting of Last Breath. Much in the same way Tennessee Williams transcended mediums, Last Breath recognizes classical traditions which may be applied in defining and refining the web series.


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University of Texas-Pan American