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Master of Science (MS)



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Dr. Michael Persans

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Dr. Matthew Terry

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Dr. Erin Schuenzel


In this study the functional characterization and overexpression of Metal Tolerance Protein (MTP) cDNA were evaluated using a transgenic yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) model system as a preliminary means for the characterization of metal tolerance conferred by putative Group III MTP genes from Arabidopsis thaliana. Metal disc assays for nickel, zinc, cobalt and cadmium treatments were performed to measure the tolerance imparted to yeast by the MTP cDNAs. Statistical analysis from zinc and cadmium assays showed AtMTP1 imparted the highest zinc tolerance in yeast, while AtMTPB1 imparted the highest cadmium and cobalt tolerance. However, AtMTPA2 and AtMTPB produced a decrease in tolerance to nickel, while AtMTP1 and AtMTPA2 caused a decrease in cobalt tolerance. Differences found in the histidine-rich regions, unique among CDF Family members, are believed to play a role in metal tolerance by acting as the MTP protein’s recognition site for different metal ions.


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University of Texas-Pan American