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Master of Business Administration (MBA)



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Dr. Thanh Ngo

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Dr. Dave Jackson

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Dr. Diego Escobari


I seek to explore in detail the relationship between Venture Capitals (VC) characteristics and the underpricing and long-run performance of their portfolio firms overtime using a sample of 2,052 IPO firm-year observations, corresponding to 669 unique U.S.VCs from 1985-2013. Gompers (1996) and Lee and Wahal (2004) focus on individual portfolio firms and relate the performance of these firms in IPOs to the VCs that back these firms, I focus on the VCs themselves as individual entities and examine how their whole portfolio of IPOs fares. I find that the more experienced the VC is, the larger the underpricing and the lower the buy-and-hold returns of the whole portfolio. VCs underprice significantly their portfolio firm IPOs no matter if it is their first or latter portfolio firm IPO. The more diversified the portfolio of firms the VC is holding, the higher the overall underpricing of the VC’s overall portfolio. I also document that underpricing is lower in healthcare IPOs. The results overall complement prior findings to support the grandstanding hypothesis suggested by Gompers (1996).


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University of Texas-Pan American