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Master of Science (MS)



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Dr. Kenneth Summy

Second Advisor

Dr. Mohamed Farooqui

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Dr. Andrew McDonald


Field trials in three separate phases of research were carried out from March, 2010, to August, 2012, to determine the effects of inter-cropping cantaloupe (Cucumis melo var. inodorus) with select non-crop companion plants in an effort to develop organic production strategies for melons in South Texas without the use of pesticides. A research program was designed and initiated to assess the effects of the companion plants and their ability to: 1) attract insect pollinators, and 2) repel or suppress pest species without affecting beneficial natural enemy complexes. The hypotheses were: 1) that organically-managed cantaloupe systems grown with non-crop companion plants would support a greater level of agro-biodiversity to avoid reliance on agro-chemical interventions, and 2) that the yellow French marigolds foster an environmentally safe, effective, natural, and economical means of pest repellency relative to agrochemical intervention. Results from all three phases conclusively demonstrated whitely repellency by yellow French marigold.


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University of Texas-Pan American