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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)



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Reynaldo Santiago

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Susan Fitzsimmons

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Dr. Carlos Roberto De Souza


The purpose of the research for this exhibit was to explore whether a major difference exists in the way political art is perceived by an audience when the art is in an art exhibition and when it is seen in an urban environment. Since the subject matter of En el País de No Pasa Nada, is the current wave of violence and corruption happening in Mexico, the targeted audience for this exhibited is limited to Mexican people and people on the US border with Mexico. If there is a difference in perception, what does the work of art gain, and what does it lose in each of the different contexts? These questions were addressed by observing people’s reactions to the works on display in En el País de No Pasa Nada, as opposed to public street art that addresses the same subject matter. In addition, this thesis addresses how works of political art in the past were perceived by their audiences and by the artists themselves.


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University of Texas-Pan American