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Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Electrical Engineering

First Advisor

Dr. Junfei Li

Second Advisor

Dr. Heinrich Foltz

Third Advisor

Dr. Zhijun Qiao


Through wall radar detecting, locating, imaging and tracking is a topic of current research interest in connection with law enforcement, urban area operations and search and rescue missions. Up to now, three different radar techniques are employed in through wall radar systems, including impulse through wall radar, continuous wave radar and swept frequency radar. In this thesis, we set out to give a comparison of these three kinds of through wall radar systems. First,we studied the challenges caused by the wall in through wall radar systems. Second,we implemented these three kinds of through wall radar system. In each kind of through wall radar, we developed Labview codes to realize automatic measurement and data acquisition, then we processed the data by different algorithms, including elliptic curve imaging method, Doppler-DOA method. Finally we analyzed the performance of each kind of radar system, compared the advantages and disadvantages to given a guide of through wall radar design.


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Granting Institution

University of Texas-Pan American