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Master of Science (MS)



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Dr. Daniel N. Riahi

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Dr. Ranadhir Roy

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Dr. Virgil Pierce


We investigate the problem of steady and unsteady fluid flow in a growing solid tumor. We develop a mathematical model for the two dimensional fluid flow in a spherical tumor where the spatial variations of the interstitial velocity, interstitial pressure and the drug concentration within the tumor are, in general, with respect to the radial distance and the latitudinal angle in the spherical coordinates. The expressions for radial and latitudinal variations of the interstitial velocity, interstitial pressure, and the two investigated drug concentrations were determined analytically. We calculated these quantities in the tumor as well as in a corresponding normal tissue. Depending on the types of the two considered drug concentrations, we determine the results about efficiency and the way drug delivery in the tumor takes place in absence or presence of the drugs’ interactions that could be significant in the presence of the two drugs in the tumor.


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University of Texas-Pan American

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Mathematics Commons