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Master of Arts (MA)


Experimental Psychology

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Dr. Zina Eluri

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Dr. Valerie James-Aldridge

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Dr. Frederick Ernst


Elopement, leaving a caregivers side without permission or supervision, is a behavior that is more prevalent among children with autism as compared to their typically developing peers. With potentially fatal consequences (e.g., drowning, being run over, abducted), it is reported to cause high levels of stress for caregivers. In the present study, we evaluate the assessment and treatment of elopement using a multicomponent treatment package to address the multiple functions of elopement. The treatment consisted of an antecedent treatment procedure, blocking and differential reinforcement of other behaviors with extinction (DRO w/ EXT). An ABAB reversal design was utilized to assess treatment effectiveness. Results showed a significant reduction of elopement following the first phase of treatment for both participants. However, for one participant, previous reduction rates were not reached upon reimplementation. Results are discussed and limitations to the study are noted.


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University of Texas-Pan American

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Psychology Commons