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Master of Arts (MA)



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Dr. William Broz

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Dr. Mark Noe

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Dr. Amy Cummins


This work looks at the figure of the heroine as present through the characters of Lyra Belacqua in His Dark Materials and Clary Fairchild in The Mortal Instruments. The characters will be analysed within the fantasy genre and the tradition of the heroic figure. By defining the hero and the heroine, two types of characters with different traits, I will show that the heroic archetype for the female is not entirely set. Lyra and Clary share some similarities but their relation to their respective role is perceived and fulfilled through varying degrees of commitment. The analysis will be contained to the first book of His Dark Materials trilogy and to the fifth of The Mortal Instruments series. In these books the characters show very specific qualities that start to define the still growing archetype of the heroine.


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University of Texas-Pan American