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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Rehabilitation Counseling

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Dr. Roy Chen

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Dr. Charlene Blankenship

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Dr. Chuck Reid


The purpose of this paper was to describe the study concerning special education students in middle school who were bullied. Many students in the special education program are being bullied, whether it is due to their disabilities or other factors (Mishna, 2003; Rose, Espelage, & Monda-Amaya, 2009; Coloroso, 2008; Christensen, Fraynt, Neece, & Baker, 2012). While several quantitative studies have been conducted addressing this worldwide phenomenon, few qualitative studies have been performed. A phenomenological approach allowed the participants to share their own experiences with bullying. Twenty-five students from several middle schools (6th, 7th, 8th grades) in a city in the Rio Grande Valley, an area of the southernmost tip of South Texas, were asked to participate in this study. A semi-structured 45-minute interview was conducted at the students’ schools. The interviews were recorded with a microcassette recorder and then transcribed. As suggested by Creswell (2013), the data analysis process included coding the statements and forming themes from these statements in order to understand the meaning found from these students’ common experiences of bullying.


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University of Texas-Pan American