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Master of Science (MS)



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Dr. Javier Macossay-Torres

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Dr. Hassan Ahmad

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Dr. Evangelia Kotsikorou


The Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) is the most common knee injury in the United States; roughly 150,000 ACL surgeries are performed annually. The ACL lacks self-healing properties due to its location inside the knee’s intra – articular environment (IA). Treatments for ACL ruptures involve the use of autogenous grafts or allografts. More suitable treatments can be found in new bio engineered tissue scaffolds, composed of natural and synthetic polymers. The polymers provide stronger mechanical properties and the ability to promote cell adhesion. It is believed that mimicking the crimping pattern of human ligaments will enhance polymer properties. Four polymers were selected; Polycaprolactone and Polydioxane as natural polymers, and Tecoflex and Carbothane as synthetic polymers. All polymers were electrospun to produce nanofiber sized polymer mats. SEM images confirm smooth and oriented nanofibers for all polymer samples. Tensile strength data for uncrimped, crimped, twisted and multilayered samples confirm changes in the mechanical properties.


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University of Texas-Pan American

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Chemistry Commons