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Gary Hall’s work aims to explore a “pirate philosophy” for critical humanists that approaches the digital humanities in such a way that they no longer will only consider how open data, digitization, and networked computing affect or define them. Instead, the chapters meander through the ways in which the (post)humanities provide a narrative concerning how information is shared and created that will have a profound impact on their own disciplines as well as the material and conceptual ways our society approaches scholarly communication. While the concept of pirate philosophy is woven throughout the book, the chapters can each stand alone as essays concerning how digital humanities, the book, the scholarly journal, authorship, and copyright affect the practice of academics. Each chapter is a chance for reflection ― a chance to reevaluate how embedded our “critical” ideas are in the modes of scholarly production, and how those modes and formats affect our understanding of our own labor and our ownership over the knowledge we produce



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