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William Jennings Bryan-1909 / Jon Dee Lawrence – Lea H. McNelly, Texas Ranger-1870 / E. Neil Fesler -- Laguna Seca Ranch-1870 / Robbie Wolfe -- Panama Canal Aids Valley-1911 / E. G. Manning -- John Closner, Hidalgo lawman-1890 / Dora Mae Kelley -- Indians In The Valley-1000 / Robert Hodges -- Dr. J. M. McMillan, Pioneer-1904 / Early Hidalgo Ranches-1893 / W. H. Chatfield -- Nathaniel Jackson-1858 / Mary Alice Ramirez -- Tales of Monte Christo [Montecristo]-1910 / Otto Woods -- The Wonderful Valley-1952 -- Colonization of Hidalgo-1747 / History of Monte Christo [Montecristo]-1860 -- Rio Grande Entertainment-1800 / Alma Nelda Barrera -- La Coma Ranch-1903 / Hidalgo Advance -- The Rio Grande-1860 / Wanda Davis -- Last Battle of Civil War-1865 / Betty Jean Silver -- Irrigation Enters Valley-1847 / Jim Farmer -- La Sierrita Treasures-1860 / Kathleen Heaton -- Hidalgo Cattle Brands-1852 -- Orange Comes To Texas-1873 / Henry Hall, Jr. -- Peace Maker of The Valley-1860 / Jack Alexander – Karankawa Indians-1800 / Doris Jeanne Foutz -- John McAllen, 'Scotsman Invader'-1852 / John Preston -- First Land Grant-1768 / John Dee Lawrence -- The County's Father-1753 / Shirley Sampson.

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