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Making Sense of Meaningful Third Places: Effects of Servicescape, Place Meanings, and Emotions

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This study advances the extant knowledge about consumer emotions and behavior within the context of place identity. Survey data from 348 community park visitors is analyzed using PLS-SEM. We confirm that individuals can develop emotional attachments for places as a result of the development of place meanings, addressing the need to broaden our understanding of the effects of this construct. These emotional attachments to physical locations that are personally and socially relevant lead to intentions to return to the location and to provide positive word-of-mouth. These findings add to the body of knowledge about emotions in an area not previously examined. The behavioral intentions elicited were somewhat strengthened by servicescape satisfaction’s impact on satisfaction with the non-commercial venue. Emotional attachment was also found to heighten satisfaction with the community park venue. While the context of this study was an open community space, this work also increases our understanding of how attachment to a third place is developed, which can assist marketers in attracting more customers to a specific physical environment.


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Developments in Marketing Science: Proceedings of the Academy of Marketing Science