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Communities as Nested Servicescapes

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Using a long-duration service experience, this study proposed and tested a servicescape transference effects phenomenon of two nested multidimensional servicescape satisfaction constructs—labeled perceived nestscape and surroundscape satisfaction—on one another and on loyalty intentions. Both perceived servicescape satisfaction constructs positively affected loyalty intentions. The direction of effects between the two satisfaction constructs was found to emanate from satisfaction with the larger surroundscape to satisfaction with the smaller nestscape rather than the opposite direction. All dimensions of the servicescapes were significant, but the design dimension contributed the most to perceived nestscape satisfaction, while the social dimension had the greatest influence on surroundscape satisfaction. These findings suggest that managers of servicescapes should proactively respond to all dimensions of both the larger and the smaller contiguous servicescapes to heighten customer satisfaction and loyalty. In addition, servicescape engagement positively affected perceived surroundscape satisfaction, but not perceived nestscape satisfaction. Servicescape engagement moderated the nestscape and surroundscape effects by weakening the impacts of both constructs on loyalty intentions. Consequently, managers should provide superior levels of engagement activities for seasonal migrants less concerned with the servicescape and enhance perceived servicescape satisfaction for less engaged consumers to induce loyalty.


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Journal of Service Research