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Retailing has grown and continues to contribute significantly to the economy of the Unit-ed States, as well as to most other economies around the world. The study of retailing, as an academic field, continues to grow and evolve. The study of retail history and of its contributors provides beneficial insight. Retail commerce began to flourish in the United States well over a century ago. This study attempts to provide insight into the absence of an original and significant contributor to the field of retailing and marketing, John Wanamaker. In fact, John Wanamaker has been referred to as the “Father of Retailing.” He earned that title and reputation as an original and innovative successful retail entrepreneur and was responsible for numerous significant contributions to the field of retailing. However, current retail expertise, as voiced in current retail and marketing curricula and among marketing professors, is largely void of any recognition of John Wanamaker. This study initially reviews the significant contributions made by John Wanamaker to the field of retailing. Secondly, a survey to assess the current awareness of John Wanamaker among various marketing professors is administered and presented. Thirdly, a survey to assess the presence of John Wanamaker within current retail and marketing textbooks is administered and presented. Fourthly, an investigation into the reasons for the demise of the John Wanamaker brand and reputation is presented. Finally a discussion leads to recommendations for current retail curricula.

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Journal of Management and Marketing Research



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