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Non-deceptive counterfeit purchase behavior of luxury fashion products

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The luxury fashion industry suffers substantial losses due to non-deceptive counterfeit purchase behavior. This study extends prior research on such behavior by investigating the factors influencing non-deceptive counterfeit purchase behavior of luxury fashion goods in India, a country that scores high on collectivism and low on indulgence in regard to Hofestede's cultural dimensions. Specifically, (a) based on the extant literature as well as by (b) adding a novel variable, we theorize and empirically test a model that proposes a more comprehensive attitudinal construct specifically reflective of attitude to counterfeits by incorporating integrity, materialism, risk seeking, price–quality interface, smart shopper self-perception, and subjective norms as antecedents of attitude towards counterfeit luxury products. Importantly, the paper investigates the mediating role of this comprehensive attitudinal construct in the relationship between intentions to purchase counterfeit and antecedents. The results offer novel theoretical insights that could be also advantageously employed by practitioners to restrain non-deceptive counterfeit behavior.


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Journal of Consumer Behaviour